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At noon on March 17, 2020 Gov. Renyolds ordered all Iowa bars and restaurants closed to the general public...but you can still help our locals with carry-out or delivery orders!! Follow the link for more information.
If you are lucky enough to be able to continue to work or even if you're still being paid but not working, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, pay it forward!! 

As our local bars and restaurants and their employees find themselves having to limit their business, please remember they can and will continue to provide carry-out, curb side and delivery options. 

B&L Diner:
Hey everyone! We are gonna make some changes for awhile, due to the Coronavirus. Starting tomorrow morning (March 18, 2020) our hours will be 8am-8pm. We will deliver or you can pick up breakfast, lunch or dinner! This could be a sweet deal! Your meal will be ready right away if you call ahead and want it at a certain time or pick a time and have it delivered! This is the best way to make a bad situation a little better! Just call B&L Diner @712-784-2400 and we will hook you up! Thank you everyone we appreciate each and every one of customers. 

Glenn's Food & Pub:
During this time of all the craziness going on in this world, we are not able to be open for regular services, however we are still here and plan to service our customers. We are going to be available for all your to go orders and for those that want curbside service we are here to provide that as well. We will all get thru this together. 712-784-3063

Emma Jean's:

Dear Customers,
Currently we find ourselves in uncertain times, for a period, life as we know it will change. Some of the things we are accustomed to doing must be modified to protect ourselves and those living in our community.
This can be a time of uncertainty and fear, it is important that we all pull together and do what we must to protect ourselves and what we can do to help protect our neighbors. We all will be forced to modify some of our normal habits and procedures to combat this pandemic.
In order to protect our staff, protect the community and maximize our contribution to our local population we will be making the following business changes.

1. Our facility will be on lock down. Only our quarantined staff will we allowed inside the facility. Staff will also be in self quarantine at home while not at work.
2. Curbside pickup. Customers can order meals by calling (712-784-2500) or order online. To avoid our staff from handling currency, orders must be prepaid with a credit card or debit card. Your orders can be picked up curbside at our facility. When you arrive your orders will be delivered to your vehicle by one of our staff members.
3. Home Deliveries. We will be offering personal delivery to your location within a ten mile radius of our location. One of our staff members will deliver to your door, they will not be allowed to enter your residence. Additionally we will not be passing currency back and forth, and therefore your products must be prepaid, delivery fees may apply.
4. Discounted meals. We will be offering discounted meals to those families that are less fortunate and that have young children. For more information please call us (712 784-2500) and ask for Sharon.
5. Catering. We will continue our catering operations, your products again will only be delivered to your door and must be prepaid to defer from passing currency.
6. Distribution center. Our facility is large with over 6,600 square feet of space. We are negotiating with our providers to deliver basic needs products such as bread, milk, eggs, toiletries, and other products that will also be available for pickup and or delivery from our facility.
7. Promote Goodwill to our fellow man. We will do everything we can do to assist those in the community that are less fortunate and require assistance. We will not allow children to go to bed hungry! Having said that I know a lot of you will want to participate as well, call us and let us know that you wish to assist helping the less fortunate by making a donation to help us achieve our goal.

For more information about this process or suggested other products and or services please contact EMMA JEAN’S at 712-784-2500 or reach out to us on Facebook. Thank you all and may god bless you!

Lynn A. Driver

Kum & Go:

The kitchen at Kum & Go is business as usual, the only items not available are from the roller machine. No hotdogs or tornados, etc. 712-784-3881 or 712-784-3737.


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