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City of Walnut Job Opening
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The City of Walnut is looking for a part-time custodian for the Walnut Community Center. If you're interested, please click for more information.
Part-time Custodian - Walnut Community Center

The City of Walnut/Walnut Community Center is looking for a part-time custodian, this position will be for a 12-hour flexible work week.

Work will involve routine cleaning and maintenance duties to ensure the premises are clean, orderly, properly maintained and safe. Most work will be preformed independently, under the direction of City Staff.

The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to set priorities based on events scheduled, make changes as requested, act quickly to unscheduled situations, work independently, steadily and efficiently for an extended period of time.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Sweep and mop floors. Dust and clean furniture, shelves and equipment.
2. Clean restrooms and replenish supplies. Clean drinking fountains, kitchen, appliances, countertops and other items and areas. 
3. Wash windows, doors, wall and glass. Remove trash from wastebaskets and clean wastebaskets if needed.  Keep all doors and windows in good working order.
4. Preform minor maintenance and routine repairs. 
5. Secure the building at the end of each work day.
6. Perform other tasks as assigned. 
Education & Experience:
High school diploma or equivalent
Desirable Qualifications:
Some experience in custodial work preferred
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
* Knowledge of a boiler heating system preferred
* Must be able to lift 50 pounds
* Be on your feet for an average of 12 hours per week
* Basic mechanical knowledge
Applications are available below or at Walnut City Hall. 

Please return your application by mail to City Hall, PO Box 326, Walnut, IA 51577, or in person at City Hall, on or before 5:00 p.m., August 23, 2021. Applications received after 5:00 p.m. on August 23, 2021 will not be considered.

Custodian Application


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