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Walnut Bridge Renamed
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I-80 Bridge in Walnut renamed to honor Detective Kerrie Orozco.


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On Tuesday, August 2, 2016 the bridge that goes over I-80 in Walnut was dedicated and renamed the Detective Kerrie Orozco Memorial Bridge. Multiple news stations, newspapers, City and County Officials, Walnut citizens and members of Detective Orozco's family were on hand at the City park to honor the fallen officer.


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Erica Stamp, a member of the Kerrie On 4 Kids committee had this to say...


Julie Winters Nash, Terri Abel, and City of Walnut... way to go!!! As Julie said this morning, it is nice to have this project complete. The funds raised from Kerrie On 4 Kids have all been put to good use. A scholarship fund has been started and you can find out more about that at, a big thank you to Pott. County Community Foundation for your on-going work with Kerrie's scholarships in the many years to come.
Also, a Memorial stone was presented to Kerrie's mother, Ellen Holtz.. We wanted Ellen and her family to know her daughter, sister, and friend will never be forgotten.
And, the biggest part of today, the I-80 bridge at Walnut has been renamed "Detective Kerrie Orozco Memorial Bridge". May this bridge be a reminder to all who pass it to kerrieon each and everyday. To choose good over evil, to spread love, to be kind to others, and to remember there are those that will pay the ultimate price for our safety.


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